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June 14, 2017
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Do My Gutters Affect My Basement?

SIP panel house construction. New white rain gutter. Drainage System with Plastic Siding Soffits and Eaves against blue sky

Do My Gutters Affect My Basement?

Sometimes water leaking through basement walls or coming up through cracks in floors is compounded by the fact that gutters are clogged or cannot handle the water. Water the overflows from gutters lands directly beside your foundation where it easily runs down the exterior of the basement wall. Doing so allows it to penetrate the foundation wall and subsequently leak in, drip, or “weep” down the walls or come up through floor cracks as it passes around the bottom of your footer.

Taking care of the gutters may alleviate some of the problem but in most cases, it is not the cure-all fix. Water has made nice little paths and ways to get in and your current waterproofing system is clogged (thus the water is coming in because the walls are filled with water and not passing through the system). A new Basement Technologies Water Trek I or Water Trek II waterproofing system is needed. Additionally, the extra water on the exterior of the basement wall often leads to foundation cracks and settling as it heaves the walls with the changing seasons and saturation levels.

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