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December 7, 2017
Can I Install My Own Retaining Wall?
August 29, 2018
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Does My Property Need a Retaining Wall?

Does My Property Need a Retaining Wall?

Because of Western New York’s landscape, homes and properties are going to require a variety of home maintenance & structural security services. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to ensuring the integrity of your home or property’s foundation. While a retaining wall may benefit one property, another property may need a yard drainage system installed instead. If your home or business is located on a hill or slope, be sure to check your property for erosion. If you’re noticing erosion of your property, then you most likely will benefit greatly from installing a retaining wall. No signs of erosion, but you still live on slanted land? The professionals at Basement Technologies of WNY Inc. can come inspect your property and let you know if you will need a retaining wall or other foundation service.

When is The Best Time To Install a Retaining Wall?

Timing is everything when it comes to any major landscaping project. For Western New Yorkers, the summertime is the best time of year to install a retaining wall. Since our summer months are so short lived, if you’re thinking about installing a retaining wall then you should have this completed before the rainy Fall season arrives. In order to properly install a retaining wall on your property, the ground must be frost free and as dry as possible. Installing a retaining wall in wet conditions simply will not work and will set the retaining wall up for failure from the beginning.

Can You Use Landscaping Blocks For Your Retaining Wall?

It is not recommended that you use landscaping blocks to install a retaining wall on your property. Landscaping blocks are designed to be no higher than 2 feet and are not meant to hold back pressure, just landscaping. Landscaping blocks do not allow for water drainage, they cannot be secured and anchored into the ground, and they do not have sufficient weight to hold back soil, water, or frozen ground. Using a Redi-Rock or Stone Strong retaining wall system ensures structural integrity and the wall you can count on for decades to come.

Can You Use Wood For Your Retaining Wall?

Just like landscaping blocks, wood is not a recommended retaining wall material. Wood will break down and fail quickly. It is a flexible material that’s less stable than landscaping blocks, and very susceptible to the elements. Retaining walls are meant to be strong and tough enough to withstand any constant changes in stable and unstable soil conditions. Any use of wood will not last and can be installed by any handyman or landscaper that cannot install an actual retaining wall system due to lack of knowledge, equipment, and most importantly, insurance to cover catastrophic failures.

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