Brighton, NY

Basement Technologies of WNY: Proudly Serving Brighton, NY

A charming community within an easy distance of Rochester, NY, Brighton, NY has the distinction of being one of the oldest towns in Monroe County. Europeans first permanently moved to the area circa 1790, and the town was formally established in 1814. Until the twentieth century, the town was mostly devoted to brick-making and farming.

With the twentieth century came changes, chief among them the evolution of Brighton, NY from a small village to a bustling suburb of Rochester, NY. Today, nearly all of the former farm fields have been developed into homes, businesses, and more.

Brighton, NY was proud to celebrate its bicentennial in 2014. Now, the town is looking forward to see what the next 200 years will bring!

Cracked Foundation Repair in Brighton, NY

If you live in Brighton, NY and notice that your foundation is showing worrying cracks, turn to Basement Technologies of Western NY Inc. We offer a wide range of cracked foundation repair services, including wall anchor systems. We also assist with foundation and basement waterproofing.

Don’t let the damage get any worse. Call us at the first sign of trouble, and let us keep your Brighton, NY home safe and stable!