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Retaining Walls & Foundation Repair in Rochester & Surrounding Areas

Based in Webster, NY, Basement Technologies of WNY Inc. has served Rochester and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. If you’re a Rochester native, then you know that our fall and winter months are known for frequent rain fall, cold weather, snow storms, and of course ground thawing in the Spring. Lake Effect snow typically blows in from Lake Ontario throughout the winter months, burying areas south of the thruway. Come Spring time, the snow melts causing flooding around the foundation of your home. Combine this with the regular rain falls in the Spring and you’ve got a potentially large flooding problem for your home & yard. As a result of Western New York’s weather, Rochester residents frequently deal with standing water in their basements and yards which can lead to major long-term problems if not addressed immediately.

We proudly offer the following services to Rochester’s residents and businesses:

Western New York experiences regular, heavy rainfall throughout the year; especially during the Fall and Spring months. Make sure you’re ready for the rainfall with proper exterior yard drainage so that you do not encounter water in your home or basement. Choose our trusted basement waterproofing professionals at the first sign of moisture in your home or business’ basement. We will come in and inspect your basement to determine the source of your leak and develop a plan of action just for you. No leak is the same; which is why Basement Technologies of WNY will take the time to work with you to come up with the best solution to your basement’s leaking problem. From full basement waterproofing to cracked foundation repair or proper yard drainage, our team of professionals is equipped to take on any job!

With satisfied customers in Irondequoit, Brighton, Greece, Webster, Pittsford and the rest of Monroe County, Basement Technologies of WNY Inc. offers unbeatable basement waterproofing services throughout Rochester. Give us a call today and let’s get started on repairing your home’s foundation today! (585) 869-9623