Basement Waterproofing

High Water Levels from Lake Ontario Flooding Basements: Greece, NY

Mrs. Rubben from Greece, NY called when the Ontario Lake levels were at their worst in July 2017. Mrs. Rubben explained that her basement had some damp spots on the walls over the years, but nothing like the 9" of standing water in her basement that her sump pump cannot keep up with. She explained she was a senior on a fixed income and overwhelmed with the prices she had gotten for basement waterproofing and yard drainage. We asked her if she had family to help her, and although she did, they had no idea what to do. Basement Technologies of WNY Inc. recommended she buy a waste pump from Lowe's for few hundred dollars to keep the water out as much as possible. She was so appreciative of the advice and could not believe we weren't coming out to give her an exterior drainage estimate. We explained that nothing could be done now because of the water and that a proper assessment couldn't be made until the water receded and we could see the new problems with her basement, foundation, and yard.

How can an assessment be made in an extreme situation? In October, Mrs. Rubben called back. The water from Lake Ontario had receded and her basement was dry. The pump had worked perfectly and her grandson had helped her. We talked about her current situation: outside standing water, inside wet spots or water coming in up the slab, etc. She said there was none of that, but the basement was damp. The solution: she needed no new system, outside or inside. Dampness is rectified with a dehumidifier. Mrs. Rubben was elated to hear she needed no work done, despite the many estimates she had from other contractors. Her son was so impressed, he put a review online for her.