Construction Piers

Construction Piers/Pilasters failing: Amherst, NY

In Amherst, we were called for horizontal wall cracks on 2 opposite basement walls in a home. The house was 40 years old with a full depth, block foundations. When the home was built, 2 columns of solid poured concrete (commonly called pilasters or piers) whose size was 2 ½' x 3' x 6 ½' were installed on the inside of both walls to curb any wall movement.

Basement Technologies of WNY Inc. sees the new construction installation of items like this because the wall is predisposed to movement because of the makeup of the soil. Pilasters and piers trying to hold back the wall do not work. Not new construction and not retrofit ones. Grip-Tite Wall Anchors were installed and the positive effects were immediate! We placed duct tape over the cracks to gunge movement of the wall. As the Wall Anchors were tightened down, the duct tape started to pucker, showing the wall was moving back to its original position. We will tighten the anchors every 6 months or the homeowner can do it themselves. This wall has a good chance of closing all the cracks because there is no foreign material in the cracks, like caulk or crack injections, but the cracks are significant, allowing soil, rocks, and deteriorating wall pieces to fall in. This wall is permanently stabilized and will not bow in any further. The foundation is now structurally sound and is guaranteed against any further movement.