Exterior Drainage

Water coming out of basement wall at the top (exterior drainage): Fairport, NY

A customer called from Fairport with water dripping down the wall, but it started coming through the wall at or just below ground level. The way a block wall foundation works is that water moves through the wall on the outside, scaling back and forth as it drips down the inside of the wall, and moves out of the wall at the base. With the water coming through at the top of the wall, that meant the water could not move down the wall as fast as the water coming in on the outside. When we visited the customer's home at the initial consultation and after listening to all the problems and concerns with the basement, we proposed and installed an exterior yard drainage system. The exterior of the foundation was dug up and rubber put on the wall. Stone was brought in and piping was installed in the ground to channel the water away from the area. As a courtesy, we connected her downspouts to the exterior drainage system to remove even more water from the area. The system was covered in stone, dirt, topsoil, and grass seed. The positive results were immediate. There was no longer water coming through the basement wall.