Leaking Basement Walls

Water coming out of the bottom of the wall. Can’t we just drill weep holes? Greece, NY

When water drips downs a basement wall, all additional symptoms have to be analyzed. As was the case for Ms. Beaty in Greece. Ms. Beaty contacted Basement Technologies of WNY Inc. in the fall with the problem of water dripping through the bottom 1-2 courses of blocks in her basement wall in one area. When we visited her for the estimate, we explained that water moves through one side of her block wall foundation, drips down the core, and comes out through weep holes that are drilled in the wall, but below floor level. The water was trapped in the wall because her piping system under the floor was clogged. Although she understood this process, she was reluctant to install a new basement waterproofing system and asked us, instead, to drill weep holes just above the floor to let the water out of the wall because that would be cheaper.

Unfortunately, drilling weep holes is a disservice and creates many more additional problems than they fix. We gave her the estimate and time to do her research. Within one day, Ms. Beaty contacted us to move forward with the estimate after taking our advice to Google search "weep holes above the floor." When we opened the trench in the floor and installed her new system, we re-drilled weep holes near the original ones. Ms. Beaty was present and witnessed the water spouting from the new weep holes into our 8" open trench! The pressure was so great, the water would have completely bypassed her original floating slab trench. Although the spouting only continued for about 5 min, the water could be seen running from the holes during the duration of the installation process. The 3rd day brought a large amount of rain and the holes spouted again. These weep holes drain as they are meant to, but with the pressure and amount of water that comes through them, you do not want them above the floor, adding water to the living space of your home, evaporating and saturating everything. Her new basement waterproofing system with Water Trek is working wonderfully with no dripping water, no wet basement, and no spouting water.