Rusted Basement Walls

Rusty orange color coming through wall: Greece, NY

Many homes in Upstate NY deal with iron ochre. Rochester and Monroe County deal with high levels of iron ochre. Iron bacteria naturally occur in the groundwater in our area. It produces a by-product called iron ochre, a thick, rust-colored or brown slimy substance that easily clumps together to clog pipes and drainage systems. When a basement waterproofing system is clogged, that means the pipe under the floor that collects water can no longer do so. The water backs up around the pipe and inside the wall and starts dripping down the walls or coming up on the floor through the floating slab trench.

Mr. Tallim in Greece, NY, had this rusty colored substance staining and “running down” the basement wall and was lining inside of his crock and sump pump. We removed his old system underneath the floor and installed a Water Trek System by Basement Technologies of WNY Inc.. Water Trek is made for even the toughest situations, like iron ochre. Mr. Tallim confided in our foreman that all the other companies that he had out had guarantees on their systems, but when he asked for a copy of the warranty, he read that iron ochre voids the warranty. He was able to finish his basement and has a lifetime guarantee on his system with Basement Technologies of WNY Inc..