Water Trek

Do I need both an exterior waterproofing system and interior basement waterproofing system? Irondequoit, NY

Ms. Merta is a homeowner in Irondequoit, NY, who collected estimates to stop the water from coming into her basement. When we assessed her basement, we found the water was coming in low on the wall and up through the trench on the floor. We recommended a guaranteed waterproofing system with Water Trek. We left her with the estimate to consider all her options and contacted her a week later. She apologized for not getting back to us sooner and wanted to make sure we were guaranteeing the system without doing exterior work. We explained she did not need exterior work because the problem was low on the wall. No amount of exterior work would stop the water. She could not believe we were ½ the price of our competitors, were in business for more than 15 years and were not proposing additional work because our competitors had. A Water Trek system was installed in 4 ½ days and voila! No water comes through the wall or up on her floor anymore. She used the “extra money” she thought she was going to have to use to buy new windows.