Home Inspections

How can Basement Technologies of WNY Inc. help homeowners who are buying and selling a property?

Basement Technologies of WNY Inc. is a Foundation Inspection and Basement Waterproofing, Foundation Repair, Retaining Walls and Yard Drainage company. Our company solely works on foundations and drainage throughout Rochester, NY and Buffalo, NY, allowing us superior expertise within this construction industry. We offer:

Don’t Pay for Someone Else’s Negligence

If your home is settling, the foundation needs to be repaired, basement waterproofed or other services Basement Technologies of WNY Inc. can help!

We have provided thorough home inspections for residents throughout Rochester, NY, Buffalo, NY and surrounding areas.

Foundation Inspections:

  • Our inspections are accepted by all banks and we are considered a licensed/certified foundation inspection company.
  • A thorough analysis is done of the foundation, interior structure, and yard to look for settling, basement wall movement, and drainage issues. If problems are found, a formal estimate/write-up will be given to buyer/seller indicating recommended solutions and/or findings.
  • We look for cracked foundation and visible signs of settling and bowing walls. Many times cracks have been filled and painted and cracks in the interior of the house have been re-plastered and floors re-leveled.
  • Water in the basement, past water issues, wet basements and current system problems are noted. We check for problem areas that cause foundation problems: run-off from patios and driveways, gutter issues, poorly built foundation, etc.
  • Retaining walls and outbuildings will also be inspected.
  • We have completed thousands of estimates, inspections, and projects in the Rochester, NY, Buffalo, NY, and the surrounding towns. We have personal understanding of the water tables, soil densities, and contributing problems in these areas.

Foundation Repair:

  • We use highly reliable and well known Grip-Tite Anchors and Piers. Grip-Tite Anchors and Piers are recommended by HUD and the Army Corps of Engineers to fix bowing walls and settling homes. Both come with written transferable guarantees along with engineer reports (required by most towns) and soil boring reports if requested by the homeowner or town.
  • Waterproofing: We use patented products designed by Basement Technologies to install interior systems with written transferable guarantees. Other options may be available including exterior drainage systems and grading work.

Yard Drainage:

  • By using the homeowner’s observations and known water patterns, we can give many ideas to reduce and stop the problem water and work within a homeowner's budget.

As an upstanding member of the Better Business Bureau, we own 2 dealerships to supply our customers with superior products and knowledge. As Basement Technologies of WNY Inc., we operate with nationally known Basement Technologies for our waterproofing needs and world-renowned Grip-Tite for our foundation needs.

A foundation is the heart of a home where flaws and problems must not be overlooked. Our knowledge in this area of expertise significantly goes above and beyond a Home Inspection. As always, the fees paid for an inspection are applied to the contract balance. Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with you.

Why get a Foundation Inspection when you've already paid for a Home Inspection?

Foundation Repair is the largest financial investment to save a home. With a Foundation Inspection, you can be armed with the correct information that can save you tens of thousands of dollars, even as the buyer or seller. Basement Technologies of WNY Inc. can give you a detailed report of foundation damage, foundation waterproofing issues, and yard drainage problems. As a buyer, you can know the structural problems and yard drainage issues you will be facing and have a detailed negotiating tool to feel confident with your purchase price. As a seller, our foundation repair products actually increase the value of your home and eliminate the emotional hassle of financial negotiations with these types of repairs. Working and up-to-date drainage systems are a great negotiating tool to increase the asking price of your home.

When you are looking to purchase a home, it important to know about additional financial burdens or safety concerns your new home will have. General Home Inspectors can tell you how old the roof is, if the furnace is outdated, or if permits weren't pulled for the new bathroom. They try to look over everything. But is extremely difficult to be an expert in everything or catch that one sign that cracks and water stains were covered up. We provide expertise solely in foundation, waterproofing, and drainage needs.

At Basement Technologies of WNY Inc. we have the knowledge to address all foundation problems. With foundation and water problems, some people will go to great lengths to cover the problem, they have been in the house for so long that they never noticed the signs, or just thought every house has cracks and covered them up.

Very often, buyers who have owned the house for less than a year will call about new basement wall cracks. When we visit the homes, we often find these cracks were covered with paint and concrete to hide them. The financial burden of saving the home now falls on this new homeowner and they cannot sue the Home Inspector for missed items nor the previous homeowner for covering them up.

A Foundation Inspection is extremely important and can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

With the knowledge of a solid foundation or a report on the problems and how they should be addressed, you can feel confident of your investment and price you purchased it for.

Call Basement Technologies of WNY Inc. to help you with your foundation and waterproofing concerns in Rochester, NY, Buffalo, NY and surrounding areas today!