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Waterproofing your basement is one of the smartest things that you can do as a homeowner. Basement waterproofing will seal off your basement from any incoming water sources. Whether you’re a new homeowner or you’ve owned homes for years, you may have had the unfortunate experience of coming home to a wet basement or basement flooding during or after a rainstorm.

All basements are not created equal, especially depending on which part of town you own your home in. From Buffalo to Rochester, there are going to be certain towns or suburbs that are more prone to basement flooding than others. Your basement foundation may be made with fieldstone, cement, concrete blocks or cement walls, so it is important to know exactly where and how water is getting into your basement.

How Does Water Get Into My Basement?

The most common places that water can get into your basement are through the floor wall joints, wall or floor cracks, or from your basement ceiling which will drip down your walls and potentially cause serious basement flooding.

If you see water dripping down your basement walls, if you see water coming up through the cracks in your floor, or if you see visible water in your floating slab trench beside your basement walls, these are telltale signs that you have a clogged and/or failing water drainage system. When water is prevented from moving through a drainage system, it will ultimately cause a larger system failure problem and as well as serious basement flooding. In the event of a rainstorm, these problems will only become amplified. A major water drainage system failure can lead to thousands of dollars in foundation repairs, mold and mildew remediation or even cracked foundation, bowing walls and settlement. The only way to stop the water if to have a new, guaranteed basement waterproofing system installed.

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Should I Be Worried About Water In My Basement?

Absolutely. Water & moisture in any basement is simply unhealthy. Having a wet basement can cause a lot of damage to your home and possessions – especially if you have a finished basement. Carpets, paneling, furniture, boxed up family heirlooms, and other household items that you are storing in your basement can be damaged. Things can become especially dangerous if water comes in contact with exposed electrical outlets or power boxes. It is not good for water to be moving around the bottom of the footer with such force that it comes up through the floor. Giving the water a place to go and removing it from the area significantly reduces the chance of foundation settlement.

What Can Happen If I Have Water In My Basement?

  • Water and moisture in your basement can lead to mold or mildew growth, which can cause serious health issues down the line
  • Your home could lose its structural integrity, which can not only cause you to spend thousands in foundation repair but can also lead to legal liabilities if something were to happen to someone on your property
  • Your home will be susceptible to insect or termite infestation if left untreated

If you’re seeing any signs of water in your basement, trust the experts at Basement Technologies of WNY Inc. to take care of you. We will take the time to identify your problem and walk you through every step of the process. We’re Western New York’s source for guaranteed basement waterproofing solutions! Give us a call today to learn more!