Crack Injections

Concrete Crack Injections

When it comes to waterproofing the foundation on your home or property, there are plenty of options to choose from, depending on the severity of the damage. While not a permanent solution, crack injections are one of the easiest ways to fill a crack in your basement wall or floor in your home. We hear our clients across Buffalo and Rochester tell us often, “It just works better,” when they receive crack concrete injections from us. It’s important to understand that any kind of crack in your home’s foundation should be taken seriously and should be repaired as soon as cracks start to show.

Depending on the severity of your crack, Basement Technologies of WNY Inc. uses a Hydrophobic Membrane to seal off cracks in any foundation. We apply a Hydrophobic Gel on the back of the Techni-Crack™ membrane and apply it to the wall, then tie it into the Water Trek Aqua Route® system or dry well. For more serious cracks, we will use a polyurethane injection to fill the cracked foundation prior to installation of the Hydrophobic Membrane. This not only provides an additional layer of protection, but also offers home and business owners peace of mind.

Things To Remember

It’s important to keep in mind that crack injections are temporary fixes to your foundation damage. Crack injections are more of a “band-aid” solution to a cracked foundation. Over the years, concrete will shrink, swell and settle naturally due to changes in weather and soil. A crack is the sign of foundation movement and it is always recommended that a permanent foundation repair method be installed prior to crack injections to prevent a recurrence of leaking and continued movement of the foundation and structure.

If you’re seeing cracks in your foundation, this is a sign of damage to your home either from pressure pushing horizontally on the wall from the exterior, or lack of stable soil under your foundation causing your home to settle. Crack injections will continue to fail without the installation of one of our guaranteed foundation repair solutions. As the seasons, soil density, & soil saturations change, the walls will move in and out which causes crack injections to fail. If you’re experiencing any kind of damage to your home or property’s foundation, don’t wait – call the experts at Basement Technologies of WNY Inc. for a quote today!

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