Exterior Waterproofing

Waterproofing Your Basement From the Outside

Many forms of basement waterproofing focus on doing work from the inside of the basement. This makes sense, as in many cases it's much easier for workers to access the inside of a basement than the outside. However, in truth, exterior basement waterproofing is the optimal way to stop moisture problems. After all, the water comes from the outside, so basement waterproofing ought to happen from the outside, as well.

At Basement Technologies Western NY, Inc., we offer a number of different exterior basement waterproofing services. Every solution is custom-tailored to the home to which it will be applied. Whether we are installing an exterior basement membrane, putting down exterior drain tiles, or simply repairing cracks, you can rest assured that our methods will resolve the problems you are facing.

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We have partnered with many of today's leading manufacturers in order to provide the best possible solutions to Western New York homeowners. If you are having difficulty keeping your basement dry, give us a call. We look forward to stopping the moisture in its tracks and allowing you to fully enjoy your basement once again. Call today to schedule a consultation.