Fieldstone & Crawlspace Waterproofing

Crawlspace Encapsulation & Crawlspace Waterproofing

Serving Across Rochester & Buffalo NY

Basement Technologies of WNY Inc. specializes in cost effective crawlspace encapsulation and waterproofing systems for your basement. Our experienced staff has the knowledge and tools to work on all types of foundations.

Fieldstone foundations and crawlspaces can present their own unique problems which is why we offer effective solutions to fix your foundation. We offer Crawl Space Conduit™, a cost-effective solution to your basement waterproofing needs.

Interior Water Drainage Systems

We have interior drainage systems specifically designed for fieldstone foundations! Don't risk collapsing your 100+ year old foundation with a sub-par interior basement waterproofing system. Get a custom tailored interior drainage system at a much more reasonable cost and get your basement dry without the chance of your walls caving in. Call us to learn more!

Benefits of Installing a Crawlspace Conduit

Crawlspaces can be a perfect place for rodents to sneak into your home without you knowing. When you choose Basement Technologies of WNY Inc., you can rest assured knowing that our crawlspace conduit is the perfect solution! Our basement waterproofing methods are proven to be effective by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The EPA has proven that crawlspace encapsulation methods are the best way possible to cure your basement of dirt, water, insects and radon gas. Crawlspace encapsulation will also reduce humidity, and in some cases mold growth. This crawlspace encapsulation is also known to help dry up wood and floor structural framing. It has even been known to reduce your heating and cooling costs!

If you have a crawlspace that is in need of repair or waterproofing, give us a call today at 585‑869-9623 to get started! We proudly service homes across Buffalo NY & Rochester NY!