Sump Pump System

Sump Pump System

Basement Waterproofing: Water Grabber Sump Pump System

Basement Technologies of WNY Inc. is proud to introduce our revolutionary new and exclusive Water Grabber® Sump Basin! Our unique patent-pending sump pump system represents an innovative alternative to the basement waterproofing industry. Our research & development department continues to “think outside the box” or in this case “inside the box,” and as a result…the new Water Grabber® Sump Liner! our Water Grabber system is a liner (crock) that goes into the floor to collect water. Sump pumps are installed to pump out the water so that your home or business can operate without a hitch!

Keep Your Basement Dry & Functional

Because we believe in a job well done the first time around, Basement Technologies of WNY Inc. strongly recommends only installing dehumidifiers and sump pump systems as a part of your new basement waterproofing system. If there's any moisture in your basement, simply adding a dehumidifier or sump pump does not address the true problem of water entering your home through your basement walls. When you choose the dependable team at Basement Technologies of WNY Inc., you're choosing quality and honesty. We will tell you exactly what you need to fix the root of what's causing moisture to get into your basement; luckily for you, we have plenty of basement waterproofing options to choose from!

Backup Sump Pump Systems

If you already have an existing sump pump system that works flawlessly, it’s not a bad idea to consider a backup sump pump system. One of the smartest things you can do as a home or business owner is be prepared for unforeseen events. With the extreme rain and snow storms that Western New York experiences throughout the year, power outages in residential and commercial communities are common. You don’t want to be stuck with a non-functioning sump pump system when a power outage or other disaster arises. Since sump pump systems are run on electricity, these are always prone to possible failure if your power goes out. Basement Technologies of WNY Inc. recommends having secondary backup systems in place on all sump pump locations on your property. We are proud to offer 3 convenient sump pump backup systems for you to choose from.

Water Driven Backup Sump Pump System

A water-driven backup sump pump system is the most economical, reliable, and most installed back up system. A water-driven backup unit functions in the event of a power outage and/or mechanical failure, giving you the best safeguard no matter what the reason your primary pump failed. As we all know, nothing lasts forever, and the same is true for your sump pump system. The water driven backup system uses your public water source to run a siphon pump. The pressure from the public water pipes will siphon the water out of the crock when your sump pump fails. Whether your sump pump system fails due to power loss, age, debris, float switch failure, or any other reason, you can rest assured knowing that you have this backup system in place to keep your basement dry.

Battery-Operated Backup Sump Pump System

Our battery-operated backup system is for the person whose main concern is power outages or those who live in a remote area. If your home or business is prone to regular power outages, this is the solution for you! One of the more affordable options, the battery-operated backup system will kick in whenever your power goes out. The system is run via marine battery and is continuously trickle-charged as long as your home has power, meaning that your battery-backup system is always ready to go and remains at its fully charged level at all times. The battery-operated unit comes with easy to read indicator lights on the charger and has an auto-mated alarm when in use if your battery fails to charge. After all, what’s the point of a backup system if you’re only operating on a partially charged battery?

How Does a Battery-Operated Backup System Work?

These battery powered sump pump features are ideal in the instances where a sump pump system cannot afford a second of improper functioning. A separate float switch and built-in alarm automatically starts the backup system and activates a warning buzzer to protect against high water damage and warn of primary pump failure. The backup pump will also operate if the main pump cannot keep up with the water inflow helping to keep all of your valuables safe and dry. Battery-backup sump pump systems are available for both homeowners and commercial properties. Our commercial unit runs off a power converter to operate a second 1/3 or 1/2 H.P. sump pump in the event of a power outage. This configuration will discharge a larger volume of water for those customers with heavy flow in their basement.

Extra Sump Pump in Crock

Our last sump pump backup system is perfect for the person who doesn't want to be in the basement in the middle of the night switching out a primary pump because it has failed, and the alarm is sounding. You might have a generator for power outages or maybe based on your power grid, it is extremely unlikely you will have power failure. Whatever the reason, having a sump pump system available to run 24/7 is what matters most. With this option, you don’t have to worry about paying an emergency plumber in the middle of the night. With an extra sump pump in place, you’ll always have a pump that’s available to run. By having two great sump pumps in your crock, your system will continue to run, no matter when the primary pump fails. We recommend that you check your crock every 6 months to see which pump is running and if one has failed; if one has failed, you can replace it at your convenience. Our Water Grabber crock is built to give you the option of a second sump pump!

If you have any questions about which sump pump backup system is right for you, call Basement Technologies of WNY Inc. today! Our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions that you have.