Retaining Walls

What Are Retaining Walls?

Retaining Wall Installation You Can Rely On

As a homeowner or business owner, you may have heard the words “retaining walls” tossed around from time to time without knowing what they are. A retaining wall is a structure that is built on a property that is designed to retain or hold soil, gardens, water and more! We are proud to partner with local suppliers across Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse, NY to deliver you the best supplies at the best prices for residents of Buffalo and Rochester. You can rest assured knowing that any retaining wall installation job or service that you get with us will be custom tailored to your property and its needs. Already have a retaining wall on your property? We also specialize in retaining wall strengthening and restoring.

Increase Your Home's Value

Whether you’re considering retaining walls as something functional or cosmetic to add to your home or business, they can truly add a little something extra to your property. Buffalo and Rochester residents alike know how precious and short-lived our summers can be. Whether you’re having a family get-together or a backyard party, our retaining walls can transform your space into something to be rivaled by neighbors. Basement Technologies of WNY Inc. brings you a variety of designs and retaining wall materials to choose from so that you can achieve a one of a kind, custom look!

Benefits of Retaining Walls

Installing retaining walls on your property can have numerous benefits. In addition to adding to the value of your home or business, retaining walls are going to hold back any unwanted soil to a given part of your property. Many homes and businesses choose to have retaining walls to not only hold back soil but to create beautiful outdoor landscaping spaces that can also be incorporated into your needs to be multi-use spaces. Retaining walls can be transformed into walkways, stairs, or even as a space to sit and eat while you grill in your outdoor kitchen.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Maximizing the beauty of your natural property by accentuating any slopes, steep grades or hills/mountainsides
  • Protecting your land by adding stability to the soil
  • Preventing flooding that would negatively affect your home or business
  • Reducing maintenance for the upkeep of your landscape

WNY's Trusted

Retaining Wall Installers

Basement Technologies of WNY Inc. only supplies the best in reliable and high-quality products. We supply Stone Strong and Redi-Rock® blocks, as well as blocks and different products from other manufacturers to fit your need. You’ll be amazed at what we can create for you with these elegant looking blocks and stones! Over the years, our team has built retaining walls for a variety of sites including residential hill driveway retention, lakefront break walls, walls on cellular phone sites built into hillsides, and many more! View our photo galleries to check out our work.

The experienced home waterproofing professionals at Basement Technologies of WNY Inc. is ready to start designing and building for you. We will take the time to talk with you about what you’d like to get out of having a retaining wall installed on your property. Give us a call today and let us take care of you!

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